H32D7100E H32D71100E TV's LED Backlight Strips For DEXP Band Ruler HL-00320A30-0601S-07 A1 2*6 HL-00320A30-0601S-03 A1 2*6 Lane


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TV’s LED Backlight Strips For DEXP H32D7100E H32D71100E Band Ruler HL-00320A30-0601S-07 A1 2*6 HL-00320A30-0601S-03 A1 2*6 Lane

The TV model can only be used as a reference, and the TV model may not be accurate. Because the same TV (but different production batches or different production areas) may use different light bars. You can buy it only after you open the TV shell and confirm that the backlight strip’s model code, connector shape, length of the strip and other parameters are consistent with what we provide, otherwise we will not be responsible for this if you only base on the TV model. This is the particularity of the electronic accessories industry, I hope customers can understand.

Number on the light bar

HL-00320A30-0601S-03 A1 2*6
HL-00320A30-0601S-07 A1 2*6


Applicable TV model

The following TV models are for reference only, you still need to confirm the backlight bar model even though the TV model is the same. Because different batches of TVs may use different backlight strips.
For DEXP H32D7100E H32D71100E

Backlight strip production information

1. Consistent with the original, Brand New, no need to modify it, easy to install
2. Long operating life, typically lasting over 100,000 hours
3. Brightness is consistent with the original, brightness up to 700 nits
4. Product length:
574 mm( length) * 12 mm (width) * 1.0 mm (height) , 6LED Lamps
5. Single LED lamp voltage: 6V,
6. Interface: 2-pin

Packaging and logistics

Package: PVC Plastic pipe or cardboard packaging (it will be safer during transportation)
Product contains: 2 pieces / Set (1 set for 1 TV)
Logistics information could be tracked


Additional information

Weight 0.200 kg
Dimensions 58 × 0.200 × 8 cm
Brand Name




Model Number

HL-00320A30-0601S-03 A1 2*6 HL-00320A30-0601S-07 A1 2*6

Goods status

Brand New, consistent with the original


Aluminum or FR4 circuit board, high quality LED lamp bead, HD lens

Applicable TV brand ans Size:

For DEXP H32D7100E H32D71100E

Applicable Television models:

CX315LEDM V320BJ6-Q01 CX315DLEDM V320BJ8-Q01

LED illumination Strip number

HL-00320A30-0601S-03 A1 2*6

LED Tapes

HL-00320A30-0601S-07 A1 2*6

Ships From

Russian Federation, CN


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