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Ps5 wants to achieve 2160p or 1080p 120Hz, please shoot ps5 & xsx (2160p60 & 1080p120). HDR and HDCP are not supported. Do not shoot if you mind.

1. 4k60 (2160p) can only be realized on the 2k144 above specification screen of hdmi2.0 interface.

The models that do not support 2160p resolution are as follows (constantly updated):

AOC does not support the whole line (27g1, 27g2, ag272qcx)

HP (x27i) alien (aw3420dw)

ASUS does not support the whole line (pg348q, pg349q, xg32vq, pg279q)

Philips (328m6f) Dell (u3415w) Titan Legion (27g1)

In addition, it is almost impossible for 2K60 and 2k751080p monitors to realize 2160p. You don’t need to try this.

2. The screen of hdmi1.4 interface can realize 1080p 120Hz.

Don’t buy unsupported models. The models are as follows (constantly updated):

BenQ Zhuowei (24112430)

3. Some monitors directly support 2160p. You don’t need to buy this product. You’d better try it again.

4. Not all monitors support it. If they do not support it, the screen will be black and the color will be missing. Please explain the monitor manufacturer, model, resolution and refresh rate (e.g. Dell s2721dgf 2k165)

5. Don’t worry about the black screen. Turn off the host — HDMI — HDCP, and then try again. Or contact a sophomore for a tutorial.

6. Customized products are not guaranteed to be compatible with various displays, nor can they improve the game. This product can be returned without reason within 7 days. The payment for goods will be refunded without refunding the freight. Thank you for your support.

The second generation HDMI screen lock, bidirectional signal transmission, can be connected to the graphics card end or projection end, without limiting the connection direction.

The default resolution is 1204-7681280-8001920-10801920-12003840-2160. Other resolutions can be customized. Please contact the shopkeeper

Ordinary invoice can be provided, with 6% tax point added.

HDMI lock screen treasure signal fixed signal adapter

Product function: its main function is to simulate the display EDID (extended display identification data), store the resolution, refresh rate and other information of the display equipment, and bind this adapter to the output end of the signal source, so that the original information and sequence can be maintained when the display or TV LCD is powered off or KVM switcher is used, Let the computer work as if it had a connected screen( It can be used as a virtual display. When the display is powered off or the display line is hot plugged, it can avoid losing video signal, screen movement, window running and disordered order)

Product features:

◇ support hot plug, plug and play

◇ support virtual display. When the display is powered off or the display cable is hot plugged,

Det kan unngå å miste videosignal, skjermbevegelse, vinduskjøring og sekvensforstyrrelse;

◇ støtte videobåndbredde på opptil 10,8 gbps;

◇ den har minnefunksjon og støtter hot plug. Skjermsekvensen for avslåing/omstart er ikke forstyrret, og innstilt modus går ikke tapt.

Støtte amd multi-skjerm grafikkort skjøting utvidet delt skjerm-modus og Eyefinity wide field multi-skjerm skjøtemodus (å koble fra skjermkabelen med strøm har ingen innvirkning på skjermen på TV-skjermveggen. Å koble fra kabelen vil bare føre til den svarte skjermen på skjermen falt linje, og andre skjermer vil ikke bevege seg)

Støtter NVIDIA-grafikkkort multiskjermutgang, og skjermsekvensen er ikke uordnet etter omstart

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