EVanlak Hdmi Edid Emulator Passthrough 3rd Generrtion Premium Aluminum Eliminated Emulator Adapter Applicable with ps5 game outp


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  • Bi-directional EDID,the source can be male or female connect.Pixel Format:YCbCr 4:4:4, 4:2:2, 4:2:0,RGB.Audio: 2.1 The resolution range:4k@60fps/1920*1080@60Hz/1920*1200@60Hz/1280*800@60Hz/1024*768@60Hz

  • Perfect match multimedia setup that requires keeping HDMI displays in “sync” all the time, HDMI lock EDID solve a “loss of sync” issue with multiple HDMI displays. No more desktop re-arranging each time you power on or off a TV, displays can plugged into a full size DisplayPort to HDMI adapter and this adapter works flawlessly

  • nothing changes to turn off the TV multi-monitor system ( or even unplug the HDMI ) without the PC going into convulsions trying to rearrange the desktop for the remaining screens. The PC will doesn’t notice that one of it’s screens disappeared!work with mac. thunderbolt to HDMI you will discover this as the”miracle fix”

  • HDMI lock EDID can be used close laptop lid remote into at Designat resolution, and can serve as a virtual monitor when it is not used

  • 24-hour technical maintenance consultation, product quality problem 2 months unconditional replacement, not satisfied with 1 month full refund service

The role of the plug

HDMI display emulator connection map

Debug resolution And recommended resolution


  • With EVanlak’s independent research,product-

  • salg, kjerneproduktene har hovedsakelig dummg Pulg ledet av HDMI/ Disport/DVI/VGA/EDID/Mini Disport

  • som fokuserer på fjernkontroll skjermen av simulator skjermen avslått forstyrret og mye ble brukt

  • for å løse problemene med hodeløs Virtual Machine-applikasjon og andre felt!


Hvordan fikse PS5 120Hz som ikke vises med EDID-emulator


1. Velg Ytelsesmodus.

2. Deaktiver HDCP.

3. Velg oppløsning.

4. Koble Edid-emulatoren til PS5.

5. Hvis skjermen er svart, trykk X—-trykk ned(eller

opp)—-trykk X. Dette er en blindoperasjon for å justere

oppløsningen til 1080P.

6. Wow!!! Skjermen er på. Velg oppløsning — 1080P.

7. Last inn spillet, nyt! 1080P 120Hz


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Cable Adapter





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0.2m, 0.6m


Orange, Red, white, Blue, Green, Black


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