Carbon fiber forging 20mm chopped carbon fiber bundle, carbon forging, marble texture, automotive interior parts, surface mod


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Product name: 20mmcarbon fiber chopped strand

Flake chopped strand: 6mm, 9mm, 15mm

Long strip chopped strand: 10mm,20mm,30mm

Color: black

Carbon content (%):≥97%

Tensile strength: 3500MPa

Regarding logistics: due to the high risk of multi-channel returns in the near future, it is recommended to choose a special product rookie standard
The product itself has good wear resistance, conductivity, high strength, light weight, corrosion resistance and other excellent characteristics。

Carbon fiber chopped cut due to logistics and transportation may cause the carbon fiber chopped cut to become very loose, and the effect is not as good as the picture. The picture is the effect before transportation

Precision cut chopped carbon fiber comes in a variety of lengths to meet your needs. These materials can be mixed in with resin to create a homogeneous material with fiber running in all directions. Unlike traditional woven fabric which has a majority of its strength in a couple directions, this unique layup has its own advantages. These materials are often used with resins to make a slurry for injection molding but can be hand mixed and used throughout your parts. This material if applied by hand can be adhered to the mold surface to create a “forged carbon” appearance to your parts.


Vekt 0.560 kg
Dimensjoner 20 × 0.560 × 13 cm


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Outdoor Table

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Outdoor Furniture


Red Wine, Orange, Pink


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