Beok Wireless RF Wifi Smart Thermostat for Gas Boiler Temperature Controller USB Powered Works with Google Home Alexa


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Beok Wireless WifiThermostat for Gas Boiler Smart Temperature Controller Works with Google Home Alexa

By Beok

Voice control tutorial:

1. Google Home connection:
Click here to watch
2. Amazon Alexa connection:
Click here to watch

Technical Parameters

Current Load: 3A

Accuracy: +/-0.5 Celsius

Limiting Temperature Range: 5 – 99℃

Setting Temperature range: 5 – 60℃

Temperature Control Accuracy: +/- 0.5℃  ~  +/- 4.5℃

Consumption: <0.3W

Features and Functions

– LCD digital display, select temperature setting freely, easy for use.

– Wifi connection, can be controlled by Beok Home app from anywhere. (Part of the model)

– Smart voice control, work with google home and Alexa. (Part of the model)

– Wireless control, no need to connect directly to the boiler. (Part of the model)

– 5+2/6+1/7 days week program function for chice. (For example, 5 in the 5 + 2 mode represents Monday to Friday, and you can set 6 time periods; 2 stands for Saturday and Sunday. You can set 2 time periods. Please note that it can’t program daily.)

–  Manual mode and auto mode selectable.

– With child lock function, prevent children from accidentally touching.

– Anti-freeze function, prevent loss caused by low temperature.

– Power memory function, save the original settings after power off.

If your boiler is far away from the room that needs to be heated, or your home does not have a connection port reserved for installation.

It is recommended that you buy
, which is a
wireless thermostat
It is divided into two parts:
receiver and controller
The receiver is connected to the boiler or electric heating actuator. You can place the controller in any room.

Installation Attention:
1. NC: Normally Closed Interface (Boiler or Loading);
COM: Common Interface (Boiler or external power input);
NO:Normally Open Interface (Boiler or Loading).
2. The button inside receiver is Reset button. When status indicator light stay on or not on, user can press reset button to resume normal work.
3. Installation wires should be changed to be 1.5-2.5mm² hard line.
Please rightly connect the wires strictly according to the connect diagram. Don’t make water, mud and other debris into the thermostat, otherwise it will damage the thermostat.

1. The controller of BOT306RF-WIFI need to rely on the base and always connected to USB type C for power supply,can ‘t put into battery!!!

2. The controller of BOT306RF-WIFI can only stand on the base,can’t be hung on the wall.

3. BOT306RF-WIFI does not include a charging head, it need to use your ownmobile phone charging headfor power supply.

4. Our products are 100% brand new, on the product screen hastwo layers of protective film, and the inside layer is extremely thin. If the product hasscratches, please remove the outer protective film.

There are three models for different functions and prices:

BOT306RF-WIFI:With wifi and wireless function,USB powered

TGR87B-WIFI:With wifi function, no wireless function

BOT-313WIFI-WH:With wifi function, no wireless function

Please ensure which one you need to buy before ordering!!!

We are professional Thermostat Factory. We produced

thermostats for more than 10 years!!!


Q: Can BOT306RF-WIFI be powered by batteries?
A: No it can’t. BOT306RF-WIFI include controller and receiver. the controller needs to be always connected to USB type C line to supply power, the receiver needs to be connected to 220V power supply.
Q: Can the controller of BOT306RF-WIFI be hung on the wall?
A: No it can’t. the controller can only stand on the table by the base, the base needs to be connected to the USB type C line for power supply.
Q: Which APP should BOT306RF-WIFI use?
A: You can use "Beok Home" or "Beok RF Boiler", But "Beok RF Boiler" only support English, "Beok Home" support 9 languages.
Q: Can I get Russian manual?
A: We send the manual in English by default, you can contact us or download Russian manual from this link:
Q: How to connection BOT306RF-WIFI with App?
A: Please refer to this video:
Q: Can BOT306RF-WIFI connect with Google Home and Amazon Alexa?
A: Yes our wifi model thermostat all can be connected. Please refer to the following video:
Google Home conneciton:
Amazon Alexa connection:
Q: What to do if the app fails to connect?
A: You can try the following methods to solve:
– Check if wifi password is entered correctly.
– Please check if your phone is connected to wifi (currently cannot support 5G network).
– Try to uninstall APP and reinstall.
– Try to restart the router or configure with another wifi network.
If it doesn’t work, please contact us to solve it, it is better to provide a video so that we can apply for after-sales service and improve our products for you. Thank you for understanding
Q: What to do if the Speaker Assistant app registration fails?
A: Please try to register in another area or register with another phone number or email
Q:What to do when Google Home and Alexa are not connected to the thermostat?
A: In general, this happens because the region of your Google Home account or Alexa account is different from the region of the speaker assistant account. For example, if your region is the European Union, the speaker assistant account is also selected in the European Union region, but the search for HVAC in the Alexa app shows HVAC-H-US, indicating that your Alexa account is in the European Union region. For regions, the search should be HVAC-H.
You can try to change the account area on the Amazon website, or re-register for a new Alexa account. The same for Google Home.

Tip 1Long press1to enter week programming setting interface;Long press2to enter the advanced settings interface.

Tip 2The programming time needs to be set in the range of 00:00 to 23:59 from small to large, incorrect settings will cause temperature disturbances.

Additional information

Weight 0.480 kg
Dimensions 20 × 0.480 × 15 cm

White or Black



Power Supply

USB type C or 220-240V



LCD Display


Child Lock Function



CE/RoHS Certificate

Temperature Sensor



Wireless Boiler Thermostat


Temperature Controller

Model Number








Brand Name


Current Load


Ships From

China, Russian Federation, SPAIN


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