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-Bb cream is the cream of bb cream is the cream that means bb cream is a cream. You can also think as a colorful moisturizer. The foundation is not so heavy. And the skin does not prevent the skin from the pores. Sc bb cream content and features: 1-c vitamin: thanks to the skin skin tone, the feature of the skin skin skin tone, and helps to make the problem. Vitamin 2-E: the skin ensures the moisture needs, the cell renewal feature, and it prevents skin damage in the skin damage. 3-rose leaf extract: remove the skin from oil, and reduces acne problems. Allows the skin and gives the younger appearance. It is a medical cream that contains the skin, which helps to damage to the skin and treatment of cosmetics, and treatment of the skin and treatment. Improve the scaly in the skin and color inequality. It has 25 spf e. This counter protects the skin from harmful rays in the sun. Storage condition: 20-35c is also stored. After opening, there are 6 months use time. Quantity: 40 ml color types
Extra light Medium Dark.

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  • ColorBeige
  • ConcealerHigh
  • FormCream

Selin Beauty BB cream Medium 40 ml

Both the skin and care and covering the skin that feeds both the skinSelin Beauty BB creamIt takes place among the first preferences. It is quite healthy for the skin that is due to the mineral, and the skin that feeds the skin. This moisturizing with color and sparkling pigments provide the skin of moisture, and with minerals, and with minerals. Selin Beauty sun cream with 25 SPF protection feature can also be used as the sun cream. Protects the sun from harmful rays and the color equality in the skin. You can use the product with the comfort of the skin and treatment of every area of your daily life. It is quite a convenient alternative to make-up. You can use foundation with dense concealer on special occasions.Selin Beauty BB cream mediumSome features of the benefit are:
  • Moisturizing effective
  • Shimmer pigments
  • Skin tone stabilizer

Nourishing and luminous Selin Beauty BB cream

Besleyici ve Işıltılı Selin Beauty BB Krem

Selin Beauty BB cream medium 40 mlIt provides the skin with dense moisturizing formula, which provides a large rate of repair. Luminous pigment structure with luminous pigment structure, and gives naturalness. The rose leaf extract in the content of the skin, the skin will allow the skin surface to breathe. Thus, the problem of acne is prevented. The pores prevent the formation of acne with air intake and prevents the formation of the skin. It protects the moisture balance of the skin with dense moisturizing feature and provides a soft appearance. Selin Beauty cream, sequins add a appearance of the sparkling and sparkle. You can wonder how your product’s health. Selin Beauty BB cream user reviews, you can study with your experience with ease of customers. You can also buy this functional skin care product safely.

Selin Beauty BB cream Medium 40 ml for skin health

Cilt Sağlığı İçin Selin Beauty BB Krem Medium 40 ml

BB cream is a large alternative to the skin, it is a great alternative to the skin of Beauty BB cream and repair of the skin. Without leaving a layer of heavy layer, the skin is often preferred product, which creates a smooth appearance of the pores. It provides the intense moisturizing effect to the skin without damaging the skin. Selin Beauty BB cream medium 40 ml with a strong formula, which has a large interest in Beauty BB cream medium. This cream is also in order to protect the sun, which is also involved in the expectation of customers. Luminous pigment with luminous pigment allows you to shine. You can also use this product that protects the harmful sun rays, which can use a healthy skin for a healthy skin.Selin Beauty BB cream reviewsIt can give ideas about the effect of the product on the skin.

Selin Beauty BB cream prices and reviews

Selin Beauty BB Krem Fiyatları ve Yorumları

Selin Beauty BB cream mediumThe skin tone is a cosmetic product, which is often preferred and a cosmetic product that is often preferred by the protection and a look. It helps you to get a glittering pigmented pigments in the content. People who prefer this product can safely buy this product safely. Previously, it is found in sales by using BB cream and when they are provided by their feedback. If you wish you can also review your Selin Beauty BB cream medium 40 ml reviews and reviews about product experience, you can review the product experience. Selin Beauty BB cream medium 40 ml is determined by the advantage of the product that provides the advantage of the price of the product. So he manages to hit every budget. You can also make a shopping at your budget with your budget-in Beauty BB cream price.

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